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“Discover the secrets to master blogging with WordPress Now”

Put up blogs just the way you want them
so you can start making money!


I'm just going to put this out there...
 You Really CAN Make Money Blogging About What Interests You.


Has this happened to you? You purchase an eBook on making money online and it gives you a bunch of theory. "You should be blogging!" they tell you.

It sounds good, right?  But then you wonder what type of blog theme you should use, where to get a header from, how to get the blog up and "live", what order to do everything in, what you should blog about, what are the best widgets and plugins to use, and most importantly... how to monetize it!

You end up going around in circles and give up before you've really gotten started.  Those ebooks you've purchased don't give you the tools and insider knowledge you need to become a successful blogger and make money doing it.

Well you're about to get what you need to become an armed and successful WordPress blogger - because I've put together Power Blogs and Beyond With WordPress.  It's the eBook I wish I'd had when I first started fumbling my way around setting up blogs and starting to blog.  This eBook would have significantly shortened my learning curve!


Power Blogs and Beyond With WordPress Will Show You:


How to Build and Lay Out an Effective Blog (including a set-up Cheat Sheet.)

How to Choose a Theme that Works well for
your Market.

The Best Place(s) to find Outstanding, eye-catching Headers.

How to Make Your Site NOT Look like a Blog (I'll explain when you might want that.)

Recommended Simple Plugins to Transform Your Blog into a Membership Site.

How to write unique and timely blog entries that keep them coming back.

How to Maintain and Regularly Expand
Your Blog.

How to Keep Your Profits Going and Growing.

Monetization techniques for making real money with your blog.



And Power Blogs and Beyond With WordPress will show you how with a clean, professional-looking theme, plugins and widgets that make it function better than most blogs, and awesome content (that's also been monetized.)


Power Blogs and Beyond With WordPress takes you by the hand and walks you through the simple steps of setting up a blog.

Next it shares details about WordPress blogs that most ebooks don't tell you about.

From there it gets into what you need to know about how a blog post should be set up.

The icing on the cake is the information on how to monetize your theme as well as your blog posts!


Right about now is usually where most slick talking Internet marketing salesmen go into how many months and how many dollars it took them to create this incredible resource and ask you how much you think you should pay for such an incredible ebook. 


They'll say... is $197 too much for a complete guide that will have you earning more than you now do working your day job? How about $147, or would you pay $97 to learn everything we spent months and months learning so we could pass this information on to you? Blah, blah, blah!

You know the pitch, you've seen it a thousand times!



But I will be perfectly honest. I don't like those sales tactics anymore than you probably do, so I'm not going to beat around the bush.

The cost for Power Blogs and Beyond with WordPress is only $27.00

 If you want it, if you think it can help you become a successful blogger, then grab it now.

This is the exact information I use every single time I set up a new niche blog. I even use the handy cheat sheet to make sure I've done everything in quick order so I can get the blog up and running and making me $$ as soon as possible.




Ken Wu

P.S.  This ebook can't help everyone... only those who read it and act on it! Isn't it about time you set yourself up some profitable blogs?

P.P.S.  My 100% guarantee -
If you don't think Power Blogs and Beyond with WordPress is everything I've promised, simply email me and I'll quickly refund every penny you paid.


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