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If you wish to master the essentials of popular CMS platforms ASAP, read on...

“Who else wants to easily run your own CMS website in less than 11 minutes...
...without going over a 200-page long print copy?”

Brand New Instructional Videos for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Greetings Reader,

Do you wish to learn WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Or all of them?

Learning a new content management system (CMS) is difficult for new comers, like many new subjects. There are plenty of books out there to learn, but they usually contain bulk of boring text that rarely stimulates your interest. In addition, they fail to provide an interactive learning experience.


Videos are indispensable learning aids...

Now, you can master the essentials of all 3 worlds with our brand new video series. Narrated by professionals with on-screen motion captures, the videos will guide you through the whole process to install and use the CMS you need. You can practically do the setup on computers while watching the videos at the same time.

With our video series, learning becomes easy and fun!

So what is included in the video bundle? Read on to discover what you can do with these great platforms...

Beginner's Guide to Joomla

joomla tutorial

Joomla provides cost-effective solution and consistent framework for content management. With its strong capabilities and wide integration with 3rd parties' add-ons, Joomla has become increasingly popular as the definite choice for content management system.

With step-by-step on-screen instruction, you will learn how to use Joomla 1.5 via the video training series.

How to install Joomla from the installation files.
How to install Joomla using Fantastico from the Cpanel.
How to layout your page.
Checkmark How to manage your content using Sections and Categories.
Checkmark How to use modules
Checkmark How to setup and use menus.
Checkmark How to change the default Joomla header
Checkmark How to create your own header

and so, so, so much more!

Learn to setup and use Drupal

Drupal is an award-winning content management system developed by online communities. The platform allows web master to build content rich websites for various purposes, including personal blog, online communities or business sites.

The video series will guide you through the essential procedures to build your Drupal site with ease.

How To Install Drupal
How To Create Pages On Your Site
How To Create Stories On Your Site
Checkmark How To Create Books On Your Site
Checkmark How To Set Up a Blog On Your Site
Checkmark How To Set Up a Forum On Your Site
Checkmark How To Change and Modify the Look of Your Site
Checkmark How To Automatically Add Content From RSS Feeds To Your Site

and so, so, so much more!

WordPress Bible Video Training Series

WordPress Tutorial

Wordpress has become one of the most popular blogging platforms. There are several reasons for this but the two most important reasons for it's recent popularity are:
  • Search engines eat them up like candy. The Wordpress platform is built to create search engine optimized pages. With the addition of plugins it becomes quite easy to dominate the search engines.
  • There is no other blogging platform as flexible in both design and functionality.  There are thousands of free themes that you can use to change the look of your blog. There are also thousands of plugins that can extend the functionality of a Wordpress blog. The possibilities are almost endless.
The biggest obstacle with using Wordpress has always been that it was cumbersome to use until you got used to it. That was before the release of version 2.5 which is what this video series is  based on. It is much simpler to use and has many new functions. This video series will show you how to use the new streamlined interface and advanced functions - such as the media manager.

This is truly a must have if you have ever wanted to learn how to use Wordpress. The Wordpress Bible is an A to Z video guide that shows you the whole setup process from install to the final product.


With the wealth of information, you cannot go wrong …

The video series are designed to provide a thorough guide for starters in a stepwise manner. Speed is everything and you can't be bothered with complex stuff. In fact, you can literally set up your own site after watching only the first few videos.

Don't you hate it when you are merely stuck in installation before you can fully harness the true power? You can't afford to mess your site up and let your hard work go to waste because of tiny mistake

This special offer can't last forever

You are getting my 3 products for the price of one. Usually I charge the same price for training of only 1 software. I cannot sell without limit. Once the production capacity has reached its max, the door will be closed forever.

Plus Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

If you follow the steps outlined in videos and do not get any results, just tell me within 60-day of purchase and I promise you will get your money back. I am literally taking the risk on your behalf. What can be fairer than this?

Act Now for only $67

Thanks for reading,

Ken Wu

PS Stop procrastination and claim your copy now. Another day gone without it will merely delay your success. Backed with the forementioned promises, you can't really miss the opportunity.

PPS Once the stock has run out, the listing will be pulled. With the special offer still available, get your video fast and discover the true power of CMS!



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