Top 5 Online Shopping Cart Ecommerce Platforms


Are you interested in starting your own ecommerce website? There are many online platforms that allow you to set up your own ebusiness website, for free. You only need a good web hosting with server-side scripting capabilities (usually PHP and MySQL support), and you are ready to run your own estore. In this article, we will explore the popular choices for ecommerce solutions.



oscommerce is the open source ecommerce platform with a long development history. The oscommerce is still under rapid development, with thousands of modules created by community members. The oscommerce has evolved into other standalone projects, including Zen-Cart and creloaded. There are also white label editions for commercial purpose. The oscommerce is one of the most popular free shopping cart script, and you can find it pre-installed in web hosting services.



Based on the oscommerce core, Zen-cart is a more user-friendly option for ecommerce owners. One of the key features is that the site layout can be controlled with the admin panel, such as the sidebar boxes. You don't need to edit the source code everything you want to make small changes. Zen-cart is also empowered by a strong and growing community. You can find amazing free zencart templates and zen-cart addon contributions from the official site at

As of today, the latest version of zencart is 1.3.9h.



Magenot has gained rapid popularity in recent years as an open-source shopping cart. It has been acquired by eBay in early June 2011. Magento takes a different approach when it comes to ecommerce models. One thing  you notice is that you will need to put in the code before you can display the products in the frontpage. Magento provides some unique advanced features comparing with other counterparts, such as the support of recurring payment.


open cart logo-500x500

OpenCart is among the one of the rising ecommerce solutions available in the market. It is open-source and widely supported by a growing community. The script is developed under a highly efficient framework. Because the platform is relatively new, the development for additional add-ons and templates are a little behind other counterparts. If you are looking for a quick and easy shopping cart solution, OpenCart will fulfill your basic ecommerce needs.



WordPress is a powerful blogging platform, but it can also be used as an ecommerce store with shopping cart plugins and themes. Some of them are indeed free of charge and licensed under the GNU. Here are a list of some popular choices:

WordPress Plugins

WP estore


WP Quick Shop

WordPress Themes


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