Reading Bloglines on Reeder (sort of), a quick tutorial



After Google Reader has shut down, alternatives are being sought to read RSS items especially on mobile devices.  Many new RSS services have come up and are eager to capitalize from the old users, such as Feed Wrangler and Feedbin. 

Bloglines are still one of the best free solutions out here, but there’s no simple way to read the rss items on iPhone or other mobile platforms.  Reader apps that are based on Google Reader have been discontinued.  Reeder is among the more popular option, but Bloglines is not directly supported.  In this article, I will show you how to read Bloglines items on iPhone using the OPML format. 

First of all, you need to export the items from Bloglines.  Unfortunately, the interface does not explicitly tell you how to export the items (the instruction is faulty).  So here is the direct link for your export items (be sure you have logged in beforehand):

Now you will need an account on  After registration, you can directly upload the XML data taken from Bloglines zip file.  If you cannot find the upload page on Feedly, here it goes:

That’s it!  You can enjoy your favorite Bloglines items on Reeder.  There is also an updated version Reeder 2, but there’s little change in terms of functionality and it asks for $5.  The old version will suffice typically.  The same method can also be applied for other RSS apps on Android systems where OPML is supported.

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