Neobux strategy for beginners, how to get started?


Neobux is one of the most popular pay-to-click money making sites. It is very user friendly and allows you to get paid for viewing advertisements. Nevertheless,  the major way to make money is through referrals where you get paid for your downlines’ clicks. Therefore you will want to have downlines that have a high clicking rate.  On top of the traditional direct referrals through the provided links, you can also rent referrals at a cost.

Based on your performance, you will be assigned to different membership levels and durations. There are official tools to help you assess the sources of your earnings and costs. They can be critical to determine which referrals you should keep for renting. In any case, you will have to keep clicking ads regularly in order to get paid from your referrals.

For starters, making money through Neobux may be annoying. However, the site is totally legit and you need not worry about being scammed for your work, which is an issue for other GPT sites (Get Paid To). And you can receive money from PayPal. It is worthwhile to browse through the site and check out the Neobux community.

Now, how to get started with Neobux?

First of all you should try to build your referral base gradually and invest your earnings. Don’t try to purchase the 100 referral packs and upgrade to gold afterward. It is because a lot of Neobux users get inactive in less than 1 month. Click averages will drop significantly as a result. 300 referrals will be adequate when you remain as a standard member. You should try to keep much of the referrals active. As a rule of thumb you should recycle users with average 1.2 or lower who have not made a single click for 6 days.

Here is something that gets easily overlooked: jobs in neopoints are more worthwhile than those real money jobs in the mini-job section. To save time from tedious works, you should go for easy and repeatable jobs that pay about 20 points. They don’t take much time for completion. For a more comprehensive guide, don’t miss the forum thread from Neobux.

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