Dropbox pricing, justified?


Is Dropbox pricing reasonable for the service it delivers? Before we move on to how dropbox pricing works, it is worthwhile to review the dropbox service itself and what you can benefit from their online storage.

Dropbox offers quality online file storage with cloud support. You can readily upload a file to the their server, and share it anywhere. It also comes with security function that can help restrict unauthorized access to your data. Dropbox functionality is also extended to mobile devices such as iOS platform or Android. One of the major advantages is the ease of use as an online backup tool. You can synchronize your local files with Dropbox, and in case of accidenal loss of your local data, you can always resort to the online backup. They provide free storage plan for anyone who want to get a taste of what it offers, but it comes with  a Dropbox limit on storage size, from as little as about 2GB. You may therefore be interested in Dropbox pricing for larger space.

A Glance at Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox provides various premium monthly plans based on your requirement for the sized online storage. The dropbox pricing is kept at competitive level. The 50GB PRO50 monthly plan costs $9.99 and when to consider even larger space, it is possible to select the 100GB PRO100 plan at $19.99 monthly.

Yes the price may add up to and including lot if you intend to utilize the service in a long run. Indeed with premium plans, you make payment for over US$100 per year. In order to save the price, you might want to create multiple Dropbox accounts. Though, maybe it's a bit inconvenient. You may also be considering other Dropbox alternatives in case you are keen on online web storage.

In the event the recurring Dropbox pricing sound too overwhelming for you, Dropbox offers generous referral program to enhance your money space for storage. You can generate extra space for completing each campaign. Should you register having a valid .edu email address contact information, you will enjoy double space for storage for each referral. When you are able to use referral to enhance your space for storing, the procedure can be quite time consuming and tedious.

Feel Reluctant with recurring Dropbox Pricing?

How does it feel when you can permanently keep a nearly 20GB are the cause of one-time Dropbox price? Save your valuable precious time and pain in referrals. Get instantaneous access to a expanded account now. Take a look: dropbox service

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